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Accelevator was founded by Japanese entrepreneur and engineer Yoshi Sito in 2004 with the goal of designing and manufacturing emergency elevators for use in hi-rise commercial and residential buildings. Having been moved by the horrific images he witnessed during the attacks, fires and subsequent collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers in New York city 3 years earlier, Mr. Sito vowed to design and build emergency elevators specifically to bring as many people to ground level as quickly and safety as possible during fires or other emergencies involving hi-rise buildings.


Since 2004 Accelevator has become a world-wide, award-winning premiere emergency elevator company with its head-office in Troy, New York and subsiduary offices in 11 major urban centers. Accelevator builds flexible, scalable, ultra-rapid emergency elevator units for both residential and commercial buildings. The Accelevator 2000 RPM (Rapid People Mover) is the top of the line luxury emergency elevator and heads the line of adaptable emergency elevators as listed below.

  • Accelevator 2000 series RPM - Luxury emergency elevators suitable for corporate offices and high-end residential buildings.
  • Accelevator 1000 series RPM - Middle-grade emergency elevators catering to budget conscious contractors or institutional buildings.
  • Accelevator 500 series RPM - Smaller footpring emergency elevators for buildings with less than 20 floors, but still requiring emergency features.

At Accelevator no building is too small nor any application not worthy of the security and peace of mind afforded by the Accelevator's top priority of getting their customers to the bottom. Accelevator also offers safety accessories and safety training courses both on the use of the elevators and general safety issues. Accelevator's mission is to provide engineering knowhow adapted to the needs of the customer whether they are buying a standard elevator unit or having one custom-designed for a specific application. For further information on Accelevator's product offerings see the Products detail page.

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Accelevator's Head Office in Troy, New York
Accelevator Head-office in Troy, New York*

* Note the actual building shown is from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is standing in for Accelevator's head-office.