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Accelevator's London office offers city tours

Accelevator's London, England office is always finding innovative ways to further enhance Accelevator's profile and exposure. In their latest tour-de-force, the office has leased a brand new state-of-the-art double decker bus adorned with the Accelevator logo and tagline to provide travel arrangements to and from the airport, and guided London city tours to large groups of customers. The bus, known as "Suzie", just like all of Accelevator's products, is equipped with the latest in high-tech features for safety and comfort. If you're in London and see our Accelebus drive by, make sure to wave hello.

Picture of Accelevator's London office double decker bus, now providing city tours to prospective buyers.

Accelevator wins innovation award

Accelevator won the prestigous Elisha award given to the company that has shown itself to be the most innovative throughout the year. The company won the award for their new series 2000 emergency elevator line. The award was given out during the UpDown gala evening dinner at the Royal Copenhagen Hotel in the heart of Detroit, MI.

Picture from the UpDown gala award ceremony showing dinner tables and presenter's podium

Series 3000 control firmware upgrade

Series 3000 owners and maintenance technicians have been sent a notification to upgrade the main control unit's firmware to V 1.3 after engineers discovered discrepancies in the deceleration algorithms data gathering. Although the upgrade is automatic, technicians should monitor and verify that their control units are on the latest firmware version. The elevators' safety features are not compromised by the discrepancies and this upgrade is to ensure that data gathering is conducted in accordance to the EEIE guidelines.

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In the know

Accelevator's new radio spot

Accelevator has a new national radio campaign ad running in all major metropolitain areas. The first of what will be an on-going radio, television and social network advertising campaign, Accelevator sets its sights on being the most progressive and trusted name in emergency elevators. Listen to the ad below.

Product monthly showcase

luxury model

Accelevator proudly presents the new "Solitaire" executive emergency elevator. Designed to resemble an early 19th century popular model, the "Solitaire" offers unparalleled comfort, simplicity of use, all wrapped in luxury, while hiding all of the techie stuff underneath. The Solitaire is the perfect custom solution for the exclusive executive who require their own emergency elevator. Stand out from the crowd and go "Solitaire"! For more information on the new "Solitaire" line contact your nearest Accelevator distributor today.

Tech corner

Providing network connectivity to tier-level auxillary controls on Series 1000 elevators.

With the advent of the Internet of things IoT, Accelevator has had more and more requests for adding network capabilty to the control peripherals of its line of emergency elevators. In this tech article we examine the recent trend in providing network connectivity to tier-level auxilliary controls for monitoring and remote maintenance. The biggest constraint was some of the control equipment designed exclusively for Accelevator lacked the provisions for including network protocols or included the incorrect protocols. The article explores how engineers at Accelevator were able to circumvent the constraints and provide network connectivity to the entire line of Accelevator emergency elevators.

Accelevator Tech Minute

Accelevator presents its new Tech minute short presentation videos covering particular aspects of its elevator's specific technology. Every month the Tech minute video will delve into a different feature of Accelevator's award-winning technology. Watch the first of these micro-videos below.