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Product line-up

Series 2000 RPM

Graphic representation of series 2000 emergency elevatorThe Series 2000 RPM (Rapid People Mover)® is the premiere line of emergency elevators produced by Accelevator, whether buying the standard line issue, the modular pro series or the top of the line exclusive "Solitaire" line, you are assured of getting the most advanced, state-of-the-art emergency elevator for your building. Provided in a number of different capacity sizes, colours and configurations, the series 2000 promises to transport your building residents to the ground floor in comfort and safety.

Series 1000 RPM

Graphic representation of series 1000 emergency elevatorThe Series 1000® emergency elevator is the perfect choice for contractors, architects and engineers needing an emergency elevator solution for larger and medium-sized buildings. The series offers the same great features as all Accelevator elevators with a more modest interior finish choice than the series 2000, without compromising safety or comfort of the passengers. Available in two capacity sizes, the series 1,000 is perfect for the budget-conscious contractor.

Series 500 RPM

Graphic representation of series 500 emergency elevatorFor smaller buildings and institutions, Accelevator offers the more modest series 500®. Having the same features as its bigger siblings, the series 500 is specifically designed for buildings in which space is at a premium or where special considerations are required. The series 500 is also the only series available with a hydraulic pole option, in addition to the standard patented Martinvale© dual-redundancy cable system.

All around great features

All Accelevator emergency elevators come with the following features:

  • Martinvale© patented dual-redundancy, twin-axial cable support system.(Triple-redundancy on the Series 2000)
  • Guaranteed smooth deceleration from 3rd floor to ground using the patented multi-sensor, hydro-fluid, progressive damping braking system.
  • Compact, electro-magnetically dampened counter-weight technology.
  • Exclusive water curtain heat reflection technology.
  • Auto-deployed, safety seating with automatically adjusting seat restraints.
  • Double-walled, fireproof carbon fibre passenger cabin ensures light-weight, strength and responsiveness.
  • Patented inertial, multi-staged deployment air bag, a first of its kind in any elevator.

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